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The International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) was founded in 1931. The constitution of our association can be found here.

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Regional IAWA Groups

Jointly with numerous other organizations, IAWA Members are active all over the world in organizing scientific meetings in which the study of wood structure and function plays a major part. Whenever the IAWA is a leading partner in these meetings, the regional IAWA Committees play an active part in their organization. Over the last decade the composition of regional committees has undergone minor or major changes. Below is the current composition, as we are aware of them. Some of the forthcoming meetings these groups are organizing are added (see also the Wood Anatomy News pages here and in issue 33-1).


WRAITH – Wood Research Against Illegal Timber Harvest – serves as a focal point and task force within IAWA on topics related to illegal logging and forensic wood science, and liaises with the broader scientific community and governments around the world to ensure that wood science, and specifically wood anatomy, makes the proper contribution to the global forensic efforts. This initiative was accepted by the Council in September 2015 and is headed by Alex Wiedenhoeft.

Membership is restricted to a targeted set of IAWA member wood anatomist volunteers representing the major regions of the world, with special emphasis on researchers or scientists with active interest in forensic aspects of wood anatomy specifically, and wood science more broadly, and who are or could be involved in their nation’s law enforcement efforts. At this point, the following experts are included in WRAITH: Peter Gasson (UK), Sri Nugroho Marsoem (Indonesia), Emmanuel Ebanyenle (Ghana), Jugo Ilic (Australia), Alex Wiedenhoeft (USA), Elisabeth Wheeler (USA), Yafang Yin (China), Vera Coradin (Brazil), Sandra Florsheim (Brazil), Gerald Koch (Germany), and Hisashi Abe (Japan).

The specific objectives of WRAITH are:


This formal group, established by Biao Pan (Chair), Yafang Yin (Deputy Chair), Xinqing He, Yeming Cheng, Eryuan Liang, Jian Qiu, Xudong Chen and Shengchen Zhai, found its origin during the 8th PRWAC in Nanjing, 2013 where a brainstorm session was organized how to streamline IAWA activities within China. The major goal was to make it easier for Chinese researchers of the microstructure of wood (and bark, bamboo, rattan and palms) to join IAWA in all its regional and international activities, and to develop national activities in China. Shengchen Zhai (zhai_sc@njfu.edu.cn) is appointed to act as exchequer and collect IAWA Dues from all Chinese IAWA Members.

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