I.W. Bailey Award - Call for nominations

Portrait of Irving Widmore Bailey

Irving Widmore Bailey (1884—1967) was one of the greatest wood anatomists of all time. His publications on xylem evolution, cambium and wood formation, cell wall ultrastructure, fossil woods, tree pathology, vestured pits, wood identification, and wood properties remain seminal to this day. His broad insights into the biological and practical significance of pattern and process in plant structure are still inspirational. IAWA honours his memory by naming the award for early career researchers who publish their work in the IAWA Journal after him.

From 2014 onwards, the I.W. Bailey Award is presented annually for the best original or review paper submitted to the IAWA Journal by a PhD candidate or postdoc who has completed her/his PhD no longer than five years since the submission of her/his manuscript. All subject matters published in the IAWA Journal are eligible: wood, bark, palm, bamboo, and rattan anatomy and ultrastructure, preferably linked to other fields such as, for instance, plant physiology, ecology, tree biology, pathology and decay, plant systematics and phylogeny, palaeobotany, climatology, archaeobotany, wood properties, biomechanics and wood culture. The Award consists of a certificate and 1000 US$, sponsored by Brill Publishers.

Candidates may nominate their own submissions directly to the editors (c/o pieter.baas@naturalis.nl), together with a one page cv, and one supporting statement from a senior IAWA Member before September 1st of the current year. Submissions will undergo the normal peer review process via the Brill/IAWA editorial manager system. The Award Committee will be formed by the Editors and Associate Editors of the IAWA Journal (please visit http://www.editorialmanager.com/iawa/ for instructions to authors).

I.W. Bailey Award 2014 goes to Alexander Scholz

The Bailey Award 2014 for best paper submitted to the IAWA Journal by an early career wood researcher goes to Alexander Scholz from Ulm University, Germany, for his paper How drought and deciduousness shape xylem plasticity in three Costa Rican wood plant species co-authored by A. Stein, B. Choat & S. Jansen, and meanwhile published in IAWA J. 35 (4): 337–355.

Alexander Scholz

The Award Committee, composed of 7 editors of the IAWA Journal (Pieter Baas, Lloyd Donaldson, Frederic Lens, Imogen Poole, Uwe Schmitt, Elisabeth Wheeler, and Alex Wiedenhoeft) motivated their selection of this paper from 5 submissions as follows: “Scholz et al.’s paper concerns an elegant study on the ecological wood anatomy of two deciduous and one evergreen species from contrasting sites in Costa Rica. Functional wood anatomical traits are comprehensively documented and analysed for site, species, and phenology dependencies. Good use is made of statistics and the results are discussed in a meaningful way, with an emphasis on xylem plasticity and its significance for adaptive strategies in a changing climate. This emphasis on plasticity is quite original in wood anatomical studies, although the sampling in this study is too limited for a truly conclusive answer. It would have been nice to have this study expanded with physiological data, but the discussion includes good recommendations for future research reflecting that the authors are aware of the limitations of this particular study.”

The IAWA Award consists of USD 1000 (donated by Royal Brill Publishers) and a certificate. Runner-up for the award in second place was Haruna Aiso from Utsunomiya University, Japan, for her paper on Reaction wood anatomy in a vessel-less angiosperm Sarcandra glabra published in IAWA J. 35 (2): 116–126.


The I.W. Bailey Committee is looking forward to receiving manuscripts for 2015. Deadline for new submissions is 1 September 2016.