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Candidates may nominate their own submissions directly to the editors (c/o pieter.baas@naturalis.nl ), together with a one page cv, and one supporting statement from a senior IAWA Member before September 1st of the current year. Submissions
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IAWA LIST OF MICROSCOPIC BARK FEATURES by an IAWA Committee of 16 bark anatomists and edited by Veronica Angyalossy, Marcelo R. Pace, and Pieter Baas Reprinted from IAWA Journal 37(4): 517615 (2016) Price of hard copies in special cover (pa
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IAWA Journal (ISSN 0928-1541) is the continuation of the IAWA Bulletin (1970-1979), its New Series (1980-1992) (ISSN 0254-3915), and previous News Bulletins of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. It is published quarterly by B
Past award holders
I.W.Bailey awards 2016 go to Carla Jane Harper and Shan Li A panel of 8 judges composed of Pieter Baas, Lloyd Donaldson, Frederic Lens, Imogen Poole, Ute Sass-Klaassen. Uwe Schmitt, Elisabeth Wheeler, and Michael Wiemann has evaluated 10 no
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The IAWA Journal is an international periodical publishing original papers and review articles on any subject related with the microscopic structure of wood and bark of stems and roots of woody plants (including palms and bamboo). Apart from
About the award
I.W. Bailey Award - Call for nominations Irving Widmore Bailey (18841967) was one of the greatest wood anatomists of all time. His publications on xylem evolution, cambium and wood formation, cell wall ultrastructure, fossil woods, tree pat
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Editors-in-chief Pieter Baas Editor in Chief of the IAWA Journal Professor Emeritus Systematic and Ecological Plant Anatomy Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden University P.O. Box 9517 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands Tel: +31 71 7519225
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