IAWA Journal (ISSN 0928-1541) is the continuation of the IAWA Bulletin (1970-1979), its New Series (1980-1992) (ISSN 0254-3915), and previous News Bulletins of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. It is published quarterly by Brill Publishers. Each volume contains over 400 pages.

The IAWA Journal is a scientific periodical, with papers covering all aspects, fundamental and applied, of wood and bark structure, such as:
  • structure-property relations
  • wood identification
  • methodology
  • ultrastructure
  • wood and bark anatomy per se
  • fossil woods and archaeology
  • systematic and phylogenetic wood anatomy
  • development and morphogenesis
  • functional and ecological anatomy
  • structure and properties of bamboo and rattan
  • microscopical and microtechnical methods.
Book reviews, Wood anatomy news (including announcements of and reports from meetings and requests for samples), and abstracts for meetings are also included.