On April 6th, IAWA was formally notified to become an IAWS (International Academy of Wood Science) Affiliate Member. There will be a number of following benefits for IAWA, including support of the wood science community on an international level, enhancing the visibility of IAWA in the area of wood science, gaining international recognition for the activities in wood science, opportunities to directly partner, and hosting technical symposia with IAWS, to attend IAWS international meetings and symposia, and to nominate a PhD Student for the “PhD Thesis Award,” which provides recognition to an outstanding wood science thesis/dissertation research at the PhD level by students throughout the world, listing as an Affiliate Member on the IAWS website, and opportunity for news of IAWA in the IAWS Newsletter published twice a year. IAWA has kept a very close cooperative relationship with IAWS for a long time. In further, IAWA will strengthen its collaboration with IAWS to play an important leading role in the research development of global wood science.

Jiao Lichao, China