Call for contributions of stunning photos of growth rings and their diversity for a dendrochronology exhibition!
In times of widespread Science funding cuts, skepticism and restrictions, the Institute of Biology of Mexico´s National Autonomous University in Mexico City has been blessed by funding from the Carlos Slim Foundation to build a new, modern Biodiversity Pavilion. The new building will house the National Wood Collection of Mexico, which was curated for many years by IAWA’s long-term member Josefina Barajas, along with the vertebrate collections and a state-of-the-art molecular biology laboratory. The Pavilion will also count with Natural History exhibitions for the general public, and one of the exhibitions currently in preparation will be about dendrochronology.

New Biodiversity Pavilion, Mexico's National Autonomous University

Martin Ricker, who is head of the Botany Department and one of the organizers of the dendrochronology exhibition, is asking for exceptional and stunning photos of growth rings, their anatomical delimitations, and diversity, along with a brief description of the taxon and what is being shown. The best photos will be selected, shown and, credited at this new exhibition. If you would like to contribute, please send photos directly to Martin Ricker at

Marcelo R. Pace