Previously, the Xylarium Bogoriense database was fragmented into several databases such as the National Timber Collection; Overseas Wood Collection; Wood Specimen Location/Address; and Wood Identification Key. The Integrated Xylarium Bogoriense Database makes it easy for users to find detailed information on a piece of wood in the Xylarium Bogoriense collection in one application. The information presented are collection number, origin of wood sample, collector's name, collection date, family name, genus name, species name, local name, wood storage room, drawer number, timber utilization, specific gravity, strong class, durability class, commercial timber, conservation status, microscopic anatomical features, macroscopic and microscopic photos, as well as information on the microscopic slides and fibres collection. This application also allows users to identify wood by utilizing existing identification keys without switching to other applications. Especially for specimen collections, every piece of wood at Xylarium Bogoriense is equipped with a QR code that allows for an easier search process in one click.
Furthermore, this database can also be used to obtain information on the distribution of wood in Indonesia and to integrate wood species from various regions which can later become a reference in data collection and mapping of wood species in Indonesia. In addition, in the Integrated Xylarium Bogoriense Database, users can also create wood groupings based on conservation status, use, and classification in trade timber. The database is now prepared for public access through website and mobile App.

Ratih Damayanti – Indonesia