On 6 April, the IAWA Audit Committee composed of René Klaassen and Leen van den Oever scrutinised the financial records over the fiscal year 2021 of the IAWA accounts in Leiden, Madison and Nanjing. They found the books kept by Cees Lut and Ingrid de Kort (Leiden), Regis Miller (Madison) and Zhai Shengcheng (Nanjing) in excellent order. The finances of IAWA are very healthy, and the auditors strongly recommended the IAWA Council and Executive to invest more money, for instance by providing student travel grants for future meetings, and buying Open Access from our publishers for invited papers in the IAWA Journal, especially for the forthcoming Sherwin Carlquist Memorial issue. Following the hard work of the auditors in the home of René Klaassen an excellent dinner was enjoyed in the famous Wageningen restaurant " t Gesprek " ("the Conversation") to which I had kindly been invited (see photo).

Photo ,from left to right: Leen van den Oever, Pieter Baas, Ingrid de Kort, Cees Lut, and René Klaassen.

Pieter Baas