As of April 20, 2017, InsideWood (IW, has 9,050 descriptions in IAWA hardwood codes and 46,796 images. Although IW has a wide coverage, there are thousands more woody species needing descriptions and illustrations. IW asks your help with expanding and improving its content. If you have pdfs of publications with descriptions of fossil or present-day woods that aren’t in IW or that have details that aren’t yet included, please send them to Prof. Elisabeth Wheeler (, so that information can be added to the IW database. If you use IW and have noticed errors, please let her know so she can correct those errors. Also, if you have photographs of vouchered wood samples that you would be willing to share, that would be deeply appreciated. Images of species that have descriptions in IW but no or few images are especially welcome. Of course,any images contributed will have the name of the contributor and institution associatedwith them.