The identification of timbers used in pulp and paper is becoming increasingly important for the implementation of national and international legislation that forbids the use of illegally logged or endangered species. This Atlas portrays and describes vessel elements in 38 species or species groups (including a bamboo and a palm) commonly or more rarely encountered in pulps from Asia.
The team of authors from the Thünen Institute and University of Hamburg, Germany, have built up extensive expertise and experience in the successful identification of timbers from Asiatic pulps based on the vessel characters highlighted in this Atlas. The International Association of Wood Anatomists is pleased to share this expertise, which is both published as a separate book and as a regular IAWA Journal issue 39(3): 249–352.  Copies of the special hard copy (see picture) can be ordered directly from the IAWA Office ( for EUR 10.00. 

Pieter Baas