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Regional IAWA Groups Jointly with numerous other organizations, IAWA Members are active all over the world in organizing scientific meetings in which the study of wood structure and function plays a major part. Whenever the IAWA is a leadin
Former Administration
The list of the IAWA ESs SecretaryTreasurer (formertitle) Professor Samuel J. Record (1931--1938) School of Forestry, Yale University, New Haven,USA Dr. Laurence Chalk (1938-1939) Imperial (Commonwealth) Forestry Institute, University of Ox
Secretariat and Office
Secretariat Executive Secretary Yafang, Yin , China Deputy Executive Secretary Hisashi Abe , Japan 1st PR Officer Guillermo Angeles , Mexico 2nd PR Officer Steven Jansen , Germany Membership Officer and Treasurer Cees Lut , The Netherlands
IAWA Council
2014 - 2017 Council Members Claudia Barros Laboratrio de Botnica Estrutural, Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botnico do Rio de Janeiro, 22460-036, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Gregorio Ceccantini Universidade de So Paulo, Botany, Faculty Member
NTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOOD ANATOMISTS CONSTITUTION 1 Article I NAME The name of the Association shall be the International Association of Wood Anatomists (hereafter the Association). Article II GOVERNANCE Governance of the Association
About the IAWA
The International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) was founded in 1931.
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