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Flyer Special issues IAWA Journal

We want to draw your attention to the publication of two recent special issues in IAWA Journal: Functional Traits in Wood Anatomy (IAWA J 37(2)) and Wood Structure in Plant Biology and Ecology (IAWA J 34(4)). More information can be found in this leaflet.

IAWA harwood

Download hardcopy of the IAWA hardwood list for free

Hard copies of the IAWA Hardwood List (IAWA Committee. 1989. IAWA list of microscopic features for hardwood identification. IAWA Bulletin new series 10: 219-332) are now sold out. Please download and/or print a free copy of the pdf posted here.

IAWA Journal welcomes Letters, Opinions and Debate

Wood anatomy in the framework of modern evolutionary, ecophysiological, and climate change research is at the same time a classical and yet very lively field. Several long-held beliefs and hypotheses are challenged by new analyses and experimental research. Apart from review papers and original studies in all these fields the IAWA Journal welcomes debate on these new developments, by starting a category of Letters, short publications voicing opinions and stimulating debate on current topics. Submitted letters will undergo a fast-track review and publication process and can be sent directly by e-mail to the editor-in-chief.

2016. Plants With A Past. Inside Fossil Woods

This calendar is now available through Lulu Press. Each month features a different fossil wood locality or woody plant group and has multiple wood anatomical images for each month. Dates for Arbor Days around the world and World Wood Day are given so that you know of opportunities to celebrate trees (and their wood).

To order go to and have a preview of all 12 months. Lulu has stores outside the US – to find the store most convenient for you use the pull-down menu at the flag at the top right of the page.

Profits from the sale of the calendar go to support fossil wood research and curating the InsideWood web site.

Sherwin Carlquist’s papers freely available

Dr. Sherwin Carlquist’s website (, devoted to his scientific work, now has downloadable pdfs of about 280 of his papers. In order to download any of these, go to the “Biography and Publications” section of the website. The papers for which pdfs are available, are mostly devoted to wood anatomy and wood evolution, and cover his publications from 1956 to the present.

WRAITH initiative

Webster’s dictionary defines wraith as an apparition or a ghost; in wood anatomy and forest conservation it stands for Wood Research Against Illegal Timber Harvest. Alex Wiedenhoeft from the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison Wisconsin presented his ideas on assembling an active group of wood anatomists within IAWA to help combat illegal logging with well-informed wood ID tools at the meeting of Salvador de Bahia. WRAITH is now a formal group within IAWA and serves as the task force related to illegal logging (see About page).

Watch out for further news or contact Alex Wiedenhoeft.

IAWA China Group established

Our Association has established an IAWA China Group, to make it easier for Chinese colleagues to join our Association and to promote Wood, Bark, Bamboo and Palm anatomy and all other objectives of IAWA in China. The group was established at the request of Chinese IAWA Members, and discussed at the 8th PRWAC in Nanjing. It was enthusiastically embraced by the Pacific Regional IAWA Committee and the international IAWA Council. An IAWA China Group Committee has been appointed consisting of Dr. Biao Pan (Chair), Dr. Yafang Yin (Deputy Chair), Dr. Xinqing He, Dr. Yeming Cheng, Dr. Eryuan Liang, Dr. Jian Qiu, Dr. Xudong Chen and Dr. Shengchen Zhai. Among other activities the group will organise IAWA Workshops in China and first of all recruit many more IAWA members from the active research communities in China.

Association Affairs

Address IAWA Office

Please note that the postal address of the IAWA Office in Leiden is: IAWA, c/o Naturalis Biodiversity Center, P.O. Box 9517, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands.

IAWA Membership Dues reminder

For those of you who have not yet done so, please pay your IAWA dues for the current year and any back dues as soon as possible. If you mislaid your dues notice, please contact our financial administrator Cees Lut. We have a web-interface with which you can safely and more easily transfer dues from 2015 onwards (PayPal and Pay per Link).

Important Announcement for IAWA Institutional Subscribers, Members, & Future Memberships

We have transferred content of the IAWA Journal and IAWA Bulletin from the IAWA home page to the Brill home page ( and adding metadata and cross reference links in the process to facilitate electronic searches. Digital IAWA Bulletin/Journal content (pdfs from 1980–recent) is accessible on

Full digital access to recent IAWA Journal content is restricted to paid-up institutional subscribers and IAWA Members. Content older than 5 years is freely available on the Brill home page (for new subscriptions please contact; for IAWA Memberships, please download the registration form).