The next –All-Division Conference of IUFRO Division 5 - Forest Products will be held in tropical Cairns, Australia on June 4th - 8th, 2023. The IAWA-IUFRO Symposium titled “S21 Promoting Data-driven Methods for Species and Origin Identification of Forest Products” can be found at The program of this IAWA-IUFRO Symposium will encourage open dialogue around the following topics: Can a xylarium network and an integrated wood identification system guarantee a legal timber trade? Can the development of integrated wood identification technology enhance the regional and/or international timber and wood products export and import activities among countries? Do different regulations in each country complicate the development of a xylarium network?

During this conference, IAWA will also co-sponsor a session “S22&23 Application and Prospects of Interdisciplinary Forest Product Identification and Traceability Approaches”.

Lichao Jiao, China