The joint conference of the 9th PRWAC (Pacific Regional Wood Anatomy Conference), the Annual Meeting of IAWS (International Academy of Wood Science) 2017 and the 9th International Symposium of the Indonesian Wood Research Society (IWoRS) was successfully convened on 26–29 September in Bali, Indonesia. About 190 participants from 18 countries attended and actively discussed various aspects of wood science. During the meeting, seven new IAWA members were recruited from four countries.

On September 27th, Executive Secretary Dr. Yafang Yin moderated the IAWA Business meeting in the evening and introduced the current situation of the IAWA. Dr. Hisashi Abe reported the nominating process for new council members and Professor Pieter Baas provided the explanation and solution to the abrupt drop of the impact factor of the IAWA Journal. Finally, the organization of the 10th PRWAC was discussed and Japan was adopted as the next host country. The IAWS Business meeting was then moderated by Dr. Robert Evans, the present president of the IAWS.

We appreciate the efforts and guidance of Professor Sri Nugroho Marsoem, the chairman of the 9th PRWAC and Annual Meeting of IAWS, Dr. Tomy Listyanto, the chairman of the 9th International Symposium of Indonesian Wood Research Society and all organisors of this joint meeting.

Hisashi Abe and Yasuhioro Utsumi, Japan