The knowledge about recognition and utilization of the most important internationally traded timbers is of prime importance to forestry and the wood industry as well as timber trade and even control authorities. As an important tool for this purpose, the database of macroHOLZdata developed at the Thuenen-Institute for Wood Research has been programmed as an app for smartphones and tablets. The “macroHOLZdata” is an innovative digital tool for macroscopic wood identification and information retrieval for educational facilities and professionals in the wood industry and trade. The app offers:
  1.  interactive identification of 150 common trade timbers (hardwoods and softwoods) based on macroscopic features to be observed with the unaided eye or with a hand lens,
  2.  high-quality colour illustrations of wood characters and timbers featuring transverse (10x) and longitudinal surfaces (natural size),
  3.  complete timber descriptions accompanied by high-quality colour illustrations depicting characteristic wood features,
  4.  database offering pertinent information on wood properties, processing, and utilization,
  5.  a textbook (glossary) with definitions, explanations, procedures, etc. for most features used in the description of the timbers in terms of wood structure, properties, and utilization (specific information retrieval),
  6.  innovative tool for teaching at vocational schools and higher educational facilities with a wood technology and forestry-related curriculum (also suitable for Do-It-Yourself education).

The app is also suited for further education and training in forestry and timber industry as well as self-study for all those interested in wood.

Please download the app from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) using the search term macroholzdata.


Gerald Koch, Germany