Friends of Fossil Forests, Corp (FFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing petrified wood through research, education, and conservation on an international scale. The mission is to support efforts to understand fossil wood deposits through the perspectives of cultural heritage and science by fostering collaboration among diverse individuals and organizations, regardless of geographical boundaries. FFT seeks partnerships and collaboration with relevant organizations, including IAWA, International Organization of Palaeobotany (IOP), museums and parks.

Founded in March 2023, FFF brings together a diverse group of professionals and enthusiasts, who share a common passion for petrified wood. FFF strives to bridge the gap between professional researchers and citizen scientists, promoting inclusivity and welcoming members from all backgrounds. The aim of FFF is to support and assist individuals and organizations, catering to local needs associated with fossil wood deposits while fostering interest in educational outreach focused on paleobotany. The inaugural project, "Rediscovering North America's Forgotten Fossil Forests and Inspiring the Next Generation of Paleobotanists," is set to launch this May. Supported by the National Geographic Society's Committee, the project brings together a team of members from Thailand, the US, the UK, Indonesia, and Latin America, and opens to diversified organizations.

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Founder and co-founders: Nareerat Boonchai, Mike Viney, Indah Huegele and Sam Allen


Nareerat Boonchai, Thailand